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24 February 2014 – The Malta Independent

Valletta’s world heritage status safe, Ambassador thanks ‘God’s help’

The parliamentary secretary for culture Jose Herrera today said that the issues Malta had with UNESCO are practically solved.

There have been fears in the past that Valletta might lose its world heritage status. Last year, UNESCO expressed its concern over the impact of the City Gate Project on the outstanding universal value of Valletta.

A report prepared for UNESCO states that “it is agreed that the development will have no direct negative impact on the outstanding universal value of the property.”……….more



7 February 2014 – The Malta Independent

CVA measures 'go against' Valletta Council proposals

The Valletta local council noted that the Transport Minister did not understand the proposals put forward by the council on the CVA system and the measures that were implemented were the opposite.

The council had been informed that the payment system limit to 2pm was an electoral promise from which the government could not go back. While the minister was saying that the government wanted to make it more difficult for people to park in Valletta for long periods, the effect of this measure was the opposite, the council said in a statement…..more



4 January 2013 – The Malta Independent

The Valletta Baroque Festival

Built by the Knights of St John after the Great Siege of 1565 and consequently adorned by its eight langues, Valletta not only had to serve as a powerful fort, but was also to become a strongpoint of culture, economy and politics in the world. Embellished at the height of the baroque period, Valletta rose to become a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen….more



From The Malta Independent,  1st January 2013

Christmas sales: ‘People are returning to Valletta'

The Republic Street Business Association is very happy with business outcomes over the Christmas period and said there was an increase in the number of people who made it to Valletta this year over the past two years.

Speaking to The Malta Independent, association president Paul Fenech, said people continued to shop this week and sales were normal or slightly better than last year’s, although not all sectors reported the same outcome...more




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